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The job description "ski instructor"


Like so much in our time the occupation of the ski instructor is also subjected to the rules of the social and economic political changes. This originate new needs and desires of our guests who have changed the image of the snow sport teacher very much. If the ski instructor was earlier a technical expert and a gifted animator on the ski slopes who brought the mountain world closer to the guest so today's snow sport instructors (ski, snowboard and nordic teacher) should be a professional snow sport pedagogue. The pure experience often is no longer enough for he wants to learn especially the respective sport and improve his talent in the respective discipline. In addition, the products of the snow sport schools have become more varied and more extensive and differentiate themselves clearly of each other. So it offers lesson on, for example, care for children, mixed forms between these elements, excursionism, safety education. To be able to correspond to this inquiry, Snow Sport South Tyrol has been striving for many years to examine methodically didactic knowledge and skills more accurately and to improve. The knowledge flows into the programs of education, advanced training and specialization. This ongoing development and maintenance of the products that a snow sport instructor can offer to the guest is for Snowsport South Tyrol very important.